Why are regional economies so important? Here’s a few facts you may not know.

  • 8.8 million people live in regional Australia
  • Collectively, Australia’s regional economies account for around 40% of the national economic output and employ around 1/3 of the workforce.
  • Regional businesses have contributed up to 50% of Australia’s growth since the 2007 financial crisis.
  • Without regional business, Australia’s economy would shrink to what it was in 1997.

SPARK BUREAU understands the significance of Regional business and intends to provide support to Sunshine Coast local business ecosystem;

We have over 35,000 business registered in the Sunshine Coast Council area alone and another 10,000 or more in the Noosa shire. What they all have in common is a need to adapt to the changing business landscape.

In response to this need, Spark Bureau is repositioning itself from “a centre for start-ups, to a Centre for Contemporary Business”. In tangible terms, this will involve four primary areas of focus and benefit for local business:

  1. Educational Talks & Programs. This will involve access to a broad array of speakers and presenters. This will include all aspects of Contemporary Business Practice including business functions such as accounting, marketing, logistics, manufacturing and HR. Whatever the topic, our focus will be to identify and focus on new trends and practices in these fields.
  2. An exceptional Business Meet-Up Space. This includes improvements to our Website to make it easier for the community to book a space for their business requirements (e.g. meet-up pods, workshop spaces, conference room services or even the entire space for larger gatherings).
  3. Flexible Work-Spaces, Co-Working & Hot Desks that can be used by freelance consultants, small and micro-businesses, startups or larger established businesses.
  4. Contemporary Function Space. Centrally located and easily accessible event space ideal for networking, meet-ups, business off-Site Events and training days. We’ve also created partnerships with a number of local food and beverage suppliers for catered events.

If you are a business that requires some support or you would like to be involved in helping us support business, we would love to hear from you! [email protected] or 07 5370 8241