How to Delete Orphaned Post Meta in WordPress

Introduction In this article, we’ll show you how to delete all orphaned post meta using SQL queries. We’ll assume that you have some experience working with MySQL or another relational database management system (RDBMS). When working with WordPress databases, it’s not uncommon to encounter orphaned post meta. These are rows in the `wp_postmeta` table that belong to posts or pages … Read More

Meet our newest member: Secure Insurance Brokers

Spark Bureau is proud to support local businesses, because Regional Economies Matter! Spark Bureau is excited to welcome Secure Insurance Brokers, our newest member, to our thriving co-working community. As Corporate Authorised Representatives for the Oracle Group, Secure Insurance Brokers proudly joins one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing networks. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the finance … Read More

Meet our newest member: All Digital Marketing

Spark Bureau is proud to support local businesses, because Regional Economies Matter! All Digital Marketing (AD Marketing) provide a range of services from domain name registration to bespoke web application development. All Digital Marketing are well versed in custom web server setups, and have developed countless custom WordPress plugins specifically for client’s needs. All Digital Marketing is a Sunshine Coast … Read More

Meet our newest member: Cloud Clicks

Spark Bureau is proud to support local businesses, such as Cloud Clicks (, by providing affordable, scalable office solutions. Cloud Clicks is a digital advertising agency operating on the Sunshine Coast since its inception in 2012. Johannes Klupfel, the director, said that since 2012 Cloud Clicks has been working with hundreds of businesses in all kinds of industries. The challenge … Read More


Six Sigma is a type of business methodology that is aimed at improving the capability of the processes that a business uses. It is geared towards improving performance and decreasing processes that are redundant all to improve profit margins, the morale of employees, and the overall product quality or services. It was first introduced by an American engineer Bill Smith … Read More

Dream Venture Masterclasses for Indigenous Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Generation One, an initiative of Minderoo Foundation, is calling all Indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring angel investors to apply for the upcoming Dream Venture Masterclasses. Taking place in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in mid-2021, these two-day programs are dedicated to empowering Indigenous Australians with the connections, capabilities, and access to capital that they need to become investor-ready, or ready to invest. To join … Read More

Innovate Media Workshop

This week, Innovate Media held their first workshop at the Spark Bureau office space, titled “How to Reach Your Ideal Customer and Grow Your Business in 2021 with Video”. Hosted by Innovate Media’s Creative Director, Ben Amos, the content of the workshop educated the audience on how to strategically move from storytelling to selling and use the right videos at … Read More

Ocher Bee – Video

Sara Moore is the proud Indigenous woman, who created Ocher Bee which specialises in Cultural Connection with Mother Nature. Connecting Schools, Child care centers, aged Care homes, and community through providing cultural workshops and experiences. See the full video here: Ocher Bee can also be found here Facebook – Instagram

Connecting to Boardroom TV

Make sure the TV is turned on and connect to Spark Bureau Wifi: Open the notification viewer in the bottom right hand side of your desktop: Select the “Connect” button: Connect to the Samsung TV and follow the prompts on the TV.