Spark Bureau is currently seeking volunteers to help with day-to-day duties - including; posting to and monitoring social media streams, greeting visitors, watering plants, etc.

We do not require any formal qualifications for this position. A positive outlook, enthusiasm to learn, and ability to chat is desired. 

We are looking for a minimum commitment of four hours per week, or per fortnight.

Please write a couple of lines about yourself and why you would like to volunteer for this position, in the form below.

What We're offering

In return for your volunteer hours, Spark Bureau will offer you an in-kind membership. For every four hours of volunteer work, you will be entitled to one day of normal membership, including the use of all Spark facilities (excluding events).

We would also like to offer you assistance or guidance tailored to you. For instance, for the boomers we could offer IT support and guidance to use and edit websites, computer applications, and social media platforms. Or for greenhorns, we could offer mentoring and drop-in chats with experienced business people. Or perhaps something in between.


Volunteer Form

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