Steve Baxter visits Spark Bureau

On August 28th, we were lucky to have Steve Baxter set aside some time to meet with a small group of investors-in-training at Spark Bureau. The purpose of the visit was to allow the guests to ask Steve any questions on decision making with investments.

With all investors, it is often difficult parting with the cash to invest in a private company. It is even more difficult when that company is operating in a space you don’t fully understand.

The questioning was enthusiastic and the responses enlightening. For me the key take away from Steve was a basic principal that applies to all investments. If you catch founders not fully disclosing their position, then walk away. The integrity and quality of the people involved in the business is paramount.

All the guests enjoyed the opportunity to question Steve – which will hopefully encourage them to invest in new businesses across the coast.

Tony Riddle, SPARK Bureau